eFAWATEERcom Launches Electronic Payment Portal for Payment Card Holders

10 Mar, 2015
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Amman, March 2015 – The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) has announced the launch of the eFAWATEERcom portal (www.eFAWATEERcom.jo). The portal was established in partnership with Madfoo3atCom for Electronic Payments Company (Madfoo3atCom) as the main operator, with MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MiGS), and Emerging Markets Payments Group (EMP Group) as the hosting company. This announcement was made during a press conference held on 2 March 2015 at the CBJ’s headquarters.

As of today, both citizens and expatriates are now able to inquire about, review and settle their bills online through the new eFAWATEERcom portal. These include water, electricity, telecom, education and healthcare bills, in addition to government fines and taxes. The portal also allows users to safely recharge their prepaid mobile phone balances online using all kind of payment cards that are accepted by MiGS from all around the globe via a unified system, consequently saving time and effort.

In June 2014, the mentioned services were made available to users who own bank accounts. eFAWATEERcom enabled them to instantly view and pay their bills via ATM machines, Internet banking, mobile banking, bank branches and other electronic payment methods.

“The eFAWATEERcom portal will not only simplify the daily operations of Jordanian citizens, but it will also positively impact the overall economic system by enhancing monetary collection and cash flow rates, promoting e-commerce and lowering costs resulting from traditional paper-based transactions. Launching the portal corresponds with the rapid developments Jordan is witnessing in the fields of telecom and ICT, and is closely aligned with national efforts to adopt and integrate the latest technologies within the public and private sectors,” stated Maher “Al-Sheikh Hassan”, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan.

In turn, Nasser Saleh, CEO of Madfoo3atCom, said, “We are delighted that eFAWATEERcom has been well received among Jordanians due to its highly secure, efficient and flexible services. Establishing the portal is in line with our efforts to allow citizens and expatriates who do not own bank accounts to benefit from these offerings, which in upcoming phases will extend to encompass smartphones, thus providing users with optimum convenience and efficiency when paying their bills.”

Commenting on the eFAWATEERcom portal, Basel Eltell, Market Manager – Levant, MasterCard added, “We are pleased to partner with the Central Bank of Jordan and Madfoo3atCom to enable citizens and expatriates to efficiently and safely settle a broad range of their financial commitments online, in a manner that allows them to save time, effort and avoid the risks of using cash. This approach corresponds with MasterCard’s vision to promote electronic payment as the most convenient method of payment.”

Furthermore, Hassan Mayssi, CEO of EMP Jordan, said, “eFAWATEERcom has already hugely benefited thousands of Jordanian citizens and businesses alike. EMP Group is proud to have been a part of this achievement and we are delighted that the service will now be available for unbanked citizens and residents. Our extensive network across the Middle East and Africa, including Jordan, means we can now offer a seamless experience for users of eFAWATEERcom, which is one of the best electronic payment systems in the region.”

Madfoo3atCom for Electronic Payments Company (Madfoo3atCom) won the tender announced by the CBJ to build, operate and administrate the Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Service gateway (EBPPS) in Jordan. All information on how to register and use the portal will be available on the official eFAWATEERcom website.


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