Consumers Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1: What should I have to be involved with your services?

            All you need to have is your bank account. It is a debit transaction, where your payment is automatically deducted from your account.

Q2: Is it for free or paid service? 

            Madfoo3atCom payment via e-bank channels which is at most free, no additional fees.

Q3: Do I have to register or subscribe to be able to use the service?

            No. All you need is an active account bank with e-banking enabled, at ATMs you do need your debit card and your dial to inquire and pay your bill at any of your bank’s ATM machines.

Q4: Does it have to be a current account or could it also be a savings account?

            It can be done via both, but you need to check your bank policy.

Q5: Can I make payments via my credit cards on the ATM?

           No, not for the time being. Please contact your bank call center in the future to know if it supports credit cards.

Q6: Can I use my debit card to make Madfoo3atCom bill payments on any ATM machine other than my bank?

            No, not for the time being.

Q7: What is my proof of payment?

             In case of e-banking payment Confirmation via your own e-banking will be shown. In case of payment via your bank’s ATM, it is going to be the ATM receipt.

Q8: Can I pay bills for my dependents (wife, kids)? Or a friend?

            Yes, only bill reference is required.

Q9: What if I tried to re-pay a bill again?

            The bill status will be shown as paid, or amount due will be shown as zero. But if the biller accept credit account they will be counted as an advance payment.

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