Madfoo3at Platform will serve all billers by increasing payment collections, reducing Branch Queuing, and ensuring automatic quick funds transactions into the billers’ accounts using banking systems.

Main benefits:

  • Single point of contact: The billers need to connect to Madfoo3atCom only once and it will be able to connect to all current and future banks.
  • Cash flow acceleration and financing efficiency.
  • Automated Bank Biller Reconciliation: No More Headache of the manual operations.
  • Reduce billing cost: By removing paper, printing, mailing and manual processing; your operating costs can be reduced by 60 to 80%.
  • Support & Reporting: We offer a range of reports to give you an overall view of the system and to allow more efficient utilization of resources, these include end of day/period reporting, per channel reporting, and error detection.
  • Improve customer service: Immediate processing automation, 24/7 payment-processing, and payment flexibility creates a smoother customer relationship.
  • Payment Notification: We notify billers’ customers (optional upon biller selection) when payment is due and when payment is paid in order to provide better service to the customer.




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